New BS88 Fused Switch Disconnectors From Woehner UK

Woehner TelergonFollowing the launch of the CAPUS® EasyUse, Woehner UK limited are pleased to announce the introduction of BS88 Fused switch disconnectors to the range.

They combine in a compact unit the function of a switch - disconnector with the protection against overloads and short - circuits given by fuses.

Maximum ratings in both distribution and motor control applications within a very compact size, give valuable space saving in the panel.

Offering complete safety in fuse replacement and maintenance situations:
•    Fuse cover interlocked in the ON position
•    Switched contacts on both sides of the fuse link
•    Padlockable handle in the OFF position with up to three padlocks
•    Door inter-lockable in the ON position

Reliable isolation throughout the life of the fused switch, even after short - circuit: Tested as switch - disconnectors according to IEC / EN 60947-3.

Available in three and four pole versions from 32A to 800A.