Wöhner Issue New Product Manual 2015

Wohner 2015 Product ManualFollowing our extensive system solution for the 60mm busbar technology which has had such an instrumental effect on markets to date, Wöhner is now providing a revolutionary system solution for switchgear power distribution, utilizing the 185mm busbar spacing.

Wöhner's 185Power presents a perfectly matched system with high-capacity components and maximum safety thanks to CrossLink® Technology.

From busbar supports, in-feed/connection modules, circuit-breaker adapters to a new NH in-line fuse switch disconnector series, this system includes all those elements for a sustainable system. A particular highlight comes in the form of the new CrossLink® covering system ensuring optimum all-round touch safe protection. As a result, the switchgear is particularly safe for the user and - on account of perfectly matched components - mounting times are reduced.

The Wöhner product range is being constantly extended from innovations, such as the new 185Power system, and product refinements implemented over the past few years. This growth has prompted us to launch a new, simplified name system for the entire product portfolio beginning in 2015.

All Wöhner components meet the requirements exacted for deployment in low-voltage switchgear combinations on the basis of IEC 61439. The Wohner website www.woehner.de/tools provides you with an aid in the design verification and downloading individual product-specific verifications.

With us, you too can experience the fascination of electrical energy in the Woehner cosmos!
Take your first step to joining us in the Wohner Cosmos by requesting your copy of Woehners’ new Product Manual 2015, providing the essential product guide to all that is electrical energy.

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The catalogue sections are available for download at: http://www.woehner.de/en/media/downloads/phb2015/