Wöhner Launch New 22.5mm Wide EQUES® Universal Adapter

EQUES® universal adapterThese new EQUES® universal adapters have integrated fuses to protect various DIN rail mounted components, like measuring and monitoring relays, that can be mounted directly to the adapter. For short circuit protection 10 x 38 or Class CC fuses can be used.

The connection of the adapter can be converted from 3 to 2 or 1 poles. A connection cable is available with a cross section of 2.5mm. for currents up to 25A. The connection to the busbar via the 22.5mm wide CrossLink® adapter enables the use of the device on the systems 30Compact and 60Classic. With the CrossLink® adapter for DIN rails the units are also useable for panel mounting.

- Space saving connection on the busbar system
- Applications up to 25A, 500V
- Protection from 0.5A up to 25A possible
- Short circuit protection up to 100kA