185Power - Busbar System Technology With Energy Distribution Solutions

185powerThe proven, modular design "185Power" system solution, launched by Wöhner in 2014, consists of newly developed components for the 185mm busbar systems.

The Wöhner CrossLink® Technology offers rigorous touch safe protection, flexible connection, and a structured design in the 185Power system. To fulfil escalating requirements in the touch-safe protection field, the Wöhner product portfolio is continuously being developed and expanded. The 185mm busbar system can, depending on requirements, be constructed traditionally with bolted components, with drill-less installation of devices, or fully touch-safe protected.

The concealable busbar support and busbar covering module (50mm and 100mm wide) form the basis of the "185Power" system. This base system enables the user to equip the respective control panel in a flexible and modular manner, and, by using the touch-safe protection covers where needed, achieve IP4X protection. The rear base plate profile, for all-round system protection, completes the touch-safe protection package.
With regard to incoming and outgoing feeders, Wöhner is forging entirely new paths. Both can be implemented using either the new CRITO®185Power connection strips or the CRITO®185Power connection modules. These solutions enable convenient connection of round conductors, cable lugs, and flat conductors. The individual components enable currents of up to 1600A to be carried directly to the busbar. Both connection options are fully compatible with the CrossLink® covering system. At only 100mm wide, CRITO®185Power connection strips are, thanks to the integrated supporting edge, easily combined with the QUADRON®185Power NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors.

In addition to the various adapter versions for circuit breakers up to 1600A, the user can also choose from small, universal, 150mm slim EQUES®185Power adapters for the use of circuit breakers up to 630A. These enable entirely fuseless construction of 185mm busbar systems. In order to ensure touch-safe protection in this product portfolio area, this product group has also been expanded to include special covers for adapters up to 1600A.

For the NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors, Wöhner has developed an innovative ventilation and insulation concept. In addition to the technical parameters, the development focuses on optimesed user-friendliness. The QUADRON®185Power NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors sizes 00 - 3 can, using accessories, be mounted with no drilling and equipped with current transformers. A few easy actions enable conversion from bottom connection to top connection for the outgoing conductors.

New to the Wöhner product portfolio are the QUADRON®185Power Speed, Switch – Disconnector – Fuses. For this development, particular importance was placed on the issues of safety and ease of mounting. The special snap switching mechanism enables operator-independent switching, as the switching operation takes place with a defined speed and this effectively eliminates danger resulting from arcing during the switching process. A double break of the NH contacts and the resulting voltage-free state of accessible, live parts ensures extra safety when the cover is open. The well-known advantages of the NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors, such as for example the drill-less mounting ability thanks to CrossLink® Technology, or the various connection options, apply also to the QUADRON®185Power Speed Switch – Disconnector – Fuse. For the first time, switch – disconnector – fuses, switch disconnectors, circuit breakers, and other components, can be installed together on a 185mm busbar system. Wöhner enables a new kind of cost and function-oriented control panel construction.

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