Integration Of Current Transformers Without Additional Space

woehner transformerBy introducing an extensive range of current transformers in the 185Power busbar system, Wöhner seeks to increases the attractiveness of the busbar system for low-voltage main distribution cabinets moving in the direction of an Energy Control System.

Due to development of new housing dimensions by precise matching, it is now possible to ergonomically integrate the current transformers into all main devices such as

- QUADRON®185Power Speed
- QUADRON®185Power
- CRITO®185Power
- EQUES®185Power

and current transformer module in a space saving manner.

The current transformers can be installed without tools and has a box terminal connection for cables, which allows correct electrical installation with suitable cables. A symmetrical housing construction design of the current transformers allows it be used for both input and output measurement.

All advantages at a glance

transformers- Integration in QUADRON®185Power Speed, QUADRON®185Power, CRITO®185Power, EQUES®185Power and current transformer module.
- Cables easy to install inside the chassis
- Easy tool-free mounting
- Sealable
- Current transformers in all common measuring ranges 80 A up to 1600 A
- Current transformer can be used for feeder or tap-off measurement due to symmetrical housing construction
- Accuarcy class 1 as well as 0.5 and 0.5s for billing purposes
- Box terminal, 2.5 mm² - 4 mm²